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Learn. Upskill. Boost.

We help businesses and individuals to build their Google Cloud skills through our world-class training programs. At Datatonic Academy, our goal is simple - to train as many exceptional individuals as possible and help them accelerate their career with the power of Google Cloud.

Learn. Upskill. <span>Boost.</span>

Accelerate your career in Cloud.

Our graduate courses are specifically designed to help you land your dream job and succeed in it. With curriculums that go beyond theoretical training to give you hands-on experience, your Academy journey will provide you with the skills needed to take the first step into your new career.

Step 1
Choose the right learning path for you. If you’re unsure, our team can help you work out the best fit for your experience and ambitions.

Step 2
Apply to join our next Graduate Scheme with Datatonic. If you’re successful, you will start your course and hit the ground running in your new role. Our Graduate training programs also include 1:1 coaching so you can benefit from support when you need it, every step of the way.

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Boost your Cloud skills.

Our role specific courses are the ideal way for any Cloud professional to retrain or upskill on Google Cloud Platform. We provide world-class expertise and training combined with real use cases and hands-on projects, to help you develop your existing experience and skills.

Step 1
From 2023 we will offer individually enrolled courses but until then, speak to the person at your company who’s responsible for learning and development about the type of training you would like to complete. Our team can work with them to build an upskilling solution and get your learning journey started. You can also put them in touch with us directly via our Contact Form.

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Upskill your existing teams and train new talent.

Datatonic Academy curates customised training packages tailored to your business needs, making the upskilling of your teams and new hires faster and more cost-effective. Learners will be immersed into use-case driven practical sessions and receive world-class training on Google Cloud Platform.

Step 1
Our team will work with you to understand the objectives and priorities of your business and identify the skills or hiring gap you need to bridge.

Step 2
We develop custom course curriculums to meet your needs and plan learner cohorts for either existing teams or new hires. For new hires, we can also work with you to help source exceptional talent.

Step 3
We deliver the training you need and build in as much hands-on experience as possible, to help learners hit the ground running on your live projects. From here, we can work with you to continue the training journey with ongoing refresher courses and course development.

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Why Us?

As a multi award-winning Google partner specialising in AI+ML, Datatonic is a consulting business built on developing Google Cloud skills. Upskilling our clients’ teams is in our DNA, and training and development for our own team has always been a key pillar of our success. Helping our clients to be self-sufficient on Google Cloud is our number one goal.

Expertise you can trust

Datatonic Academy provides world-class training content delivered by our own subject matter experts and the best Google Cloud trainers globally, from ROI Training. Through a mixture of classroom training, hands-on projects and 1:1 support, we help learners to develop and succeed.

Our courses include