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Accelerate your Google Cloud skills.

As an authorised Google Cloud training partner, we specialise in helping businesses and individuals to upskill through our world-class training programs. We offer an extensive range of courses, each tailored to your specific needs, with relevant hands-on exercises and use cases to maximise your ability to apply your new skills.

Accelerate your Google Cloud skills.</span>

Bridge your skills gap with tailored courses.

If you already have a great team but need to upskill them on specific tools, topics or technologies, we’re here to help. Our world class trainers deliver instructor-led courses across all areas of data, artificial intelligence and machine learning for Google Cloud and related technologies. We tailor our courses to meet your specific upskilling needs to ensure training is as relevant as possible and your learners can apply their new skills to their day-to-day role right away. 

Step 1: Identifying your needs
We’ll hold a scoping workshop with you to help build the right learning pathway (or individual courses) for your business. This includes understanding your existing teams’ skill levels, familiarity with Google Cloud and the products/tools they need to use in their roles. At this stage we also define your logistical requirements including your learners’ geographical locations, preferences for in-person or virtual training, and Skills Assessments to evaluate progress from the program.

Step 2: Course customisation
With a clear understanding of your needs, our learning consultants build a tailored learning program for your business. Once this is agreed, we tailor our curriculums and content to build in relevant hands-on exercises, use cases and examples to maximise the relevance of training for your learners. We can also blend self-paced learning into the program to allow you to utilise on-demand training in addition to our own instructor-led sessions.

Step 3: Delivery
Your learners complete their program, taught by our world-class instructors and with a focus on hands-on, immersive training, with the option of ongoing support in the form of Office Hours. Training is delivered virtually or on-site either at your own offices or at the Datatonic Academy headquarters in the heart of London’s Canary Wharf. We evaluate learner progress throughout the program and we’ll host a retrospective session with you to review success, potential adaptations for future programs and to help you identify the next step on your existing teams’ learning journeys.

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Attract, train and deploy new talent.

We know how difficult it can be to find the right individuals to join your business. There is a growing shortage of trained individuals in the cloud talent market and fishing in the same pools doesn’t solve the problem. Our attract-train-deploy program connects your business with the best candidates and equips them with the skills needed to thrive in your high priority roles.

We work with partners who specialise in helping individuals from non-traditional backgrounds, or those who want to retrain from another career path, to achieve their potential in the tech industry. This includes initiatives like providing training outside of Monday-Friday 9-5 to accommodate people in full-time employment and childcare for those with parenting responsibilities.

  1. Attract: We source and match the ideal candidates to your roles, assisting with screening processes for each role.
  2. Train: We build and deliver tailored training and reskilling programs to accelerate onboarding of new talent.
  3. Deploy: Candidates are deployed into their new roles and we work with you to provide ongoing training that complements your in-house learning and development, to help them thrive.

If you are interested in attracting, training and deploying new talent to your team, get in touch with us today.

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Build your own in-house Academy.

If your business is growing and you need a sustainable long term solution for training, building your own internal Academy is a great place to start. With our Train-the-Trainer approach, it’s simpler than you’d think.

Whether you want our instructors to power your Academy (the ‘white label’ approach) or you want to train your own in-house ‘super users’ on both technical capability and training delivery methods, we can help.

Strengthen your Employer Brand.

Bringing your existing learning and development activities, apprenticeship programs and training events under the umbrella of an in-house Academy strengthens your employer brand. As a clear signal that your business prioritises nurturing talent, it’s a highly effective way to attract the best candidates and position your business as a technical leader in your industry.

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Trust the experts.

Datatonic Academy is the dedicated training arm of multi award-winning Google partner, Datatonic. Our extensive expertise across Google Cloud data, AI and ML make us the number one training partner of choice for businesses looking to accelerate their Google Cloud journey. 

Learn with world class trainers.

Datatonic Academy provides world-class training delivered by the very best authorised Google Cloud instructors. Blending theoretical learning with hands-on exercises and 1:1 support, we help learners to develop and succeed through engaging virtual or in-person classes.

Our courses include